About Us

All of us here at BodyHazard are modified people, and we use alot of the jewellery we sell ourselves, so you can rest assured that all the items we sell are of a very high quality. All of items are brand new and unused.

Our items are made to the highest quality, brand new and unused, below we cover the quality that our jewellery is made to unless otherwise specificly stated in a listing;

  • Surgical Steel, our surgical steel is made from 316L surgical stainless steel, all of which is polished to the highest standard and finish.
  • Titanium, our solid titanium items are made from 6AL4V-Eli titanium, this means that it is solid titanium all the way through and suitable for implantation in the body. Coloured titanium is anodized and then polished to a high shine. This is not the same as the low quality titanium coated jewellery that other sellers have for sale.
  • Buffalo Horn, our buffalo horn jewellery is made from indonesian water buffalo horn, no animal was killed specifically to make our jewellery, it is all made from the left over remains of dead buffalos, or buffalos that where killed for their meat. This ensures that no part of the animal goes to waste when it dies. Each piece of our buffalo horn jewellery is hand carved so varitions between pieces is to be expected.
  • Stone, our stone jewellery is made from a range of different types of stone, all of it is 100% genuine stone, each piece of our stone jewellery is hand carved so varitions between pieces is to be expected.
  • Glass, our glass items are made from handblown glass depending of the colour of the glass it is made from, the very high quality, soda-lime or borosilicate glass the listing will say which one the item is made from. Glass is great from everyone as it is clean, autoclavable, hypoallergenic and comes is a great range of sizes and colours.
  • Silicone, our silicone jewellery is made from implant grade quality silicone.
  • Acrylic, our acrylic jewellery is made from the highest quality acrylics. The majority of our items are made from dental acrylic, PMMA (also known as acrylic glass or acrylic for short).
  • PTFE, our PTFE is of the highest quality, sometime confused with bioflex which is a similar material but not as highly durable as PTFE. PTFE is suitable for autoclaving so can be used in fresh piercings as well as provide comfort for people with healed piercings. Suitable for wearing when you have to go into hospital so you don't lose your piercings. Can be cut to any length and re-threaded quickily and easily.

Unless specifically stated in the listing all our jewellery is sold unsterlized, it is strongly recommend that where possible the jewellery is sterlized before use. Please note that some items of an organic nature are not able to be sterlized as it would destory the item. If you are unsure we suggest that you check our jewellery care & maintainance guide here.

We hope that you find our information pages useful and we will be adding more soon!