Conditions of Use


Buyers should make sure that they read the item description for an item and not just look at the pictures, we provide pictures to help you see what the product you are purchasing is like, as such pictures may contain more items than are for sale per single quantity purchased. By reading the item description you will find a line that starts in bold called "Quantity: " this is in all our item descriptions, this will tell you how many of that item you will get, per single quantity purchased. If you are in any doubt (or per chance we have made a typo or you think we have made a typo) then feel free to contact us so we can make sure you understand how many you get per single quantity, and make any corrections if necessary to the item description.

Buyers should note that if you make a purchase from one of our listings that requires a colour selection then you must make sure you select the colour you would like from the drop down list, this can be done via the drop down box in the listing for each item; before you click add to cart; and only allows you to select 1 colour so make sure you check the quantity as that's the quantity of that colour that you'll receive.

Although we do our best to maintain the site and keep the products & quantities listed up-to-date, occasionally mistakes do happen, and also due to the sheer quantity of products that we stock and sell on a daily basis we may not have removed an out of stock item from the shop before you purchase. If this happens we will send an alternative colour where available or contact you via email detailing what has happened and we will either give you the choice of another product (we will give you a list of alternative similar items), wait for us to restock the item (we will give you a time frame if this option is available) or a refund, if there is no response to this email you will automatically be sent another similar item of the same value (if none is available then a refund will be made instead) after 4 working days.

Please note that if you use a free email address (e.g. hotmail, yahoo) when you sign up for an account you may not receive emails from us, as our emails often get caught by spam fliters meaning that you won't receive emails.


Payment can be made via paypal for all purchases. Please ensure that you pay for your goods as soon as possible, as the site doesn't remove the items from stock until payment has been completed, to avoid any chance of the item selling before you have paid we recommend paying as soon as you are able to complete checkout.

For Shipping, Order Cancellations, Returns and Refunds

Please see shipping & returns page.